There are so many of them in my family right now.

My daughter Rachael has her Nora.

My daughter Tiffany has her Calvin and Emma.

Step-daughter Abby has her Ryker.

That’s 4 of the kids in the following picture:

April 2013 Grandkids

April 2013 Grandkids

There’s also two others who are also important, but today this is about the mothers.

I have been amazed at the way that “mothering” kicked in as Tiffany, Rachael and Abby made the transition from teen to wife to parent.

Thanks to each of them for taking on the role of Mom.

I also step back a generation and thank their Moms, Kathy and Karen.

And back one more generation and we have Kathy’s Mom Joan, Karen’s Mom Rayona and my own mother Alice.  Each of them got to see their grandchildren but passed away before seeing this line up of great grandchildren   Their influence however, lives on in the current crop of young ones.

We honor and thank the women who decided to become Moms today and everyday.