Typically when you hear the term March Madness, College Basketball pops into your mind. But today kicks off our own family March Madness which has nothing to do with sports.

Happy Birthday to my bride, Kathy who I met nearly 14 years ago.

Kathy is of Irish heritage and her family observed St. Patrick’s Day as a celebration of family traditions. ┬áKathy and I decided that we would marry on March 17th, so that when her Mom passed away, it would not just a sad day, missing her Mom, but also one filled with new & happy memories.

Also contributing to our version of March Madness, the next weekend I am taking part in a retreat for a couple of days.

Plus, we put our house on the market recently and have had to vacate our home so real estate agents can show off our house.

And, we are expecting two more grandchildren this year. My stepdaughter Abby and her husband are due with their 2nd this month.

Kathy and I have traditionally taken a week off for a little vacation in March, usually around her birthday and our Anniversary, but with all the other activity, it will be a long weekend to visit Abby and her growing family either this month or next.

So, we have:

  • March 13th, Kathy’s Birthday
  • March 17th, Our Wedding Anniversary
  • March 17th, Saint Patrick’s Day
  • March 22-23, Scott Retreat
  • March _____?, Next Grandchild birthday
  • Month of March, numerous showings of our home
  • End of March or Early April, Long Weekend Trip to see new grandchild

Who has time to fill out brackets?