This week I’ve mentioned a few issues that are standing in the way of your online success.

But at the heart, the core, the foundation is your website.

If your website has not been revised in the past 18 months, you are missing out on several important changes.

But just having a freshly designed website isn’t the answer.

There are a number of factors such as the technical platform that your website is built on and all the coding that most folks never see.

I use several tools to evaluate the tech stuff and one that has some decent information that you can use is Woorank , which provides you with some important data that non-geeks can understand.  A majority of the websites I check on Woorank score below average.  Try it yourself with yours and then contact me if you want a more complete evaluation.

Besides the technical side, there is the SEO side that I mentioned Tuesday, the Social Media side that I wrote about yesterday and the content organization which I’ll mention today.

Most websites are not designed from a marketing viewpoint with a clear buying path for visitors to follow.

I call this connecting the dots.

Even some of the best scoring websites I’ve evaluated have this problem.

And here’s why:

Often there is a disconnect between the website developer, the graphic designer, and the marketing folks.

The website developer writes the code that powers your website and includes gadgets and gimmicks that he likes.

The graphic designer includes fonts and colors and logos and images that showcase her work and impresses her peers.

Meanwhile the marketing folks have no idea why the website they spent $40,000 to a couple hundred thousand bucks on isn’t creating a firestorm of results.

By having a plan that includes the end goal, and that goal is usually to attract and convert visitors to customers, all the other pieces to the puzzle of creating a successful online presence, beginning with your website can begin and work.

Questions? Agree? Disagree?  Contact me.