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The Purpose of Advertising

November 24, 2015 Marketing and Advertising Insights 0

A couple days before Thanksgiving and I want to keep it short and to the point today.

The purpose of advertising is to invite people to do business with you. invitation

Earlier this month, I had someone contact me on the morning of Veterans Day, wanting us to get the word out about a Veterans Day promotion that involved something pretty cool.  The problem was she forgot to send the “invitations” to let people know about the promotion until it was too late.

I did what I could but the turn out could have been much better.

Thursday you prepare the turkey with all the sides and basically invest a lot of time, effort and money into creating a Thanksgiving dinner at your home.  But did you invite anyone to join you for the meal?

This is what advertising does.  It’s the invite.  It’s what I can help you with. Need help?



Scott Howard aka ScLoHo has 25+ years of experience in marketing , advertising, media and works directly in the radio and digital world from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Contact him at or 260.255.4357.


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