This is a question that is similar to one I used to ask business owners.

I wanted to know, what is your USP, which stands for Unique Selling Proposition (or Point).

It’s a marketing concept that you need to have a uniqueness that sets you apart from your competitors.  A common problem is that many folks go into business for their own reasons and sell what they want to sell without regard to what buyers want.

Or they think that certain aspects of their business are unique, but either they are wrong about the uniqueness or they don’t communicate it.

Let’s move over to the Internet and websites.

I used to have a well defined set of blogs that generated a fair amount of readership.  All were branded as ScLoHo sites.

At the time, I was working in the radio business and ScLoHo was my online identity along with a separate marketing consultancy I formed.

Those blog sites included a personal site (Really?); a marketing site featuring wit and wisdom from others (Collective Wisdom); another marketing site that featured only my words (The Not-So-Secret Writings of ScLoHo); a social media guide site (ScLoHo’s Social Media Adventure) and one devoted to promoting local websites (Fort Wayne Site of the Day).

Eventually I bought domains for each blog site and was very, very busy updating 30 to 50 times per week.

Then my focus changed.

Actually my profession changed.

I jumped into the website business fulltime for awhile.

I returned to the radio business for awhile.

Earlier this year I settled down back to a deeper passion, one that I had been involved with all along.

The Social Media World.

A couple years ago I consolidated all the ScLoHo sites to a new domain under my regular name and created the website you are reading right now.  Those old blogs are still alive with over 15,000 blog posts but are not actively being updated or promoted.

So the question I wonder about is a question I am used to asking others.  Specifically for me, the question is, “The Purpose of your website is?”

At one time, I was using this site as a hub, a place where all the various ScLoHo offerings could be found and I was posting 21 times a week.

But as my focus has changed, so has this website. This site has become more random and less predictable.

I am actually more active than ever online with the company I work for, managing multiple brands social media activity which includes writing, editing, posting, listening, responding, and promoting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, multiple blogs, and  now a new focused effort on Pinterest.  In the months ahead, Tumbler, Instagram, and a few others will be in the mix too.

So… the purpose of this website is now two-fold.

As I would tell my clients as I encouraged them to write at least once a week on their own blogs, I will continue to provide regular weekly updates, but more likely a few times a week. There is nothing quite as sad as a website or blog that has been abandoned without leaving a forwarding address and explanation.  Besides the human factor, there is also a SEO factor. Google and Yahoo/Bing like it if you keep your website fresh with new content.

The 2nd purpose goes back to what I would tell my clients, and that is to share online what is going on in their worlds so their customers would have a better understanding of who they are.

So, you will continue to see personal posts, marketing oriented posts, web related posts, and a few things in between.

I still own the and domains which redirect to this site:

The purpose of this website is to present the genuine ScLoHo aka Scott Howard from all aspects and angles.

What is the purpose of your website?