My wife and I are empty nesters.


Nearly a year ago our youngest, my step-daughter Abby got married and moved to Nebraska.

It was the 3rd wedding of our kids in less than a year.

Besides our offspring living with us, we’ve had my wife’s siblings stay with us for a few days to a few months.

So what happens when a couple of baby boomers become empty nesters?  I used to wonder about what my parents did when I moved out.

Toyota let’s you in our secret life:


And there’s this one too:


And one more:

Actually there is the next stage in life, Grandparenting.

Over the weekend we had dinner with Nora, my first granddaughter who was born in February.

Nora’s parents are my Rachael and her husband Brandon.

Any day now, we’ll be welcoming my 2nd granddaughter who will be joining her 14 month old big brother Calvin.

A trip to Indy this month is planned to see this growing family my daughter Tiffany and her husband Jon are creating.

We’ll also include a visit with my son Josh and his wife Madeline on our journey because although we have Facebook, we need Facetime.

Facetime= that non-social-media method of actually being in the same room with someone so you can communicate without electronic devices!

Speaking of Facetime, we also had an overnight guest Saturday night as Jake, my 14 year old stepgrandson spent the night.

Life is good at this stage.