Most of us need customers/clients to spend money with us for the products or services we provide.

Most of us will sell those products and services at a profit.

So what could go wrong?

It sounds so simple.

It is simple.

But there is one very important element missing.

Some may call it networking, some may call it advertising, others use the term marketing.

I’m going to simplify it.

You need to invite people to do business with you.

Advertising, networking, marketing… they are all forms of invitations.

I used to believe that branding by itself had value.

20 years later, I have changed my mind.

Every message needs both.

A branding message and an invitation.

With shorter attention spans we need to be invited to spend our money with you and understand why you and not your competitor, (That’s the branding part).

Time to double check your marketing/advertising/networking.

Are you inviting and branding every time?