I wonder if teenage rebellion has been around forever?

December 11, 1972 is when I officially became a teen.

For some reason I thought that the 1960’s or 1950’s were the decades that it all started.

I was wrong.

It has been a part of the growing process since the beginning of time.

Having been a Dad to 3 plus Stepdad to 2 more, I’ve learned that when those times come, hang on.

Hold your ground as a parent, but let them spread their wings too.

You don’t want to become their BFF (Best Friend Forever).

They need a grown up to be the support and foundation.

One day, they will look at you with fresh eyes and you will not be the “scum of the earth that ruined their life”.

You’ll be the grandparent, or the adviser, or parent/adult/friend that loves them despite all their screw ups and they will love you back despite all your screw ups too.

Now there are no guarantees that they will stop rebelling as some never do, but it’s a two-way street and if you try and hold them too close, they’ll always try and break free.

For some that rebellion starts at age 2… for some it ends at age 50…

But even in those darkest hours, I’ve discovered while they won’t say it to your face, they still love you and want you as Mom or Dad.