Recently I was asked about Men, Sex & Relationships due to some of the stuff going on around us these days.

Herman Cain suspended his campaign for President due to sexual allegations which he has denied, but in my opinion he was also having difficulty explaining much of anything that couldn’t be answered with his “Nine, nine, nine”, response.

Mr. Cain may be innocent.  But we have been tainted to believe the worst.  Bill Clinton denied having sexual relations with Monica until he could not cover it up anymore.

Locally, my Congressman, Mark Souder resigned due to an affair that was going to blow up in his face.

I’m not a politician, but these men have made it more difficult for women to trust all guys!

So when I was asked about this, I explained that while men and women are very different biologically, hormonally and psychologically, we have choices.

We have choices to make commitments and keep those commitments, or break them.

Sex is no different.

I choose to be faithful to my wife.

Most men make that same choice.

This decision overrides temptations to be unfaithful.

Note that I said it does remove the temptation, it just overrides any temptation.

I also make a choice everyday not to place myself into tempting situations. This is also a habit.

I am going to make up some numbers, because I doubt that anyone can get a real accurate answer:

Out of 1000 American married men between the ages of 21 and 70, I’d guess that 950 notice when a pretty woman walks into the room.

The other 100 are either homosexual or sight impaired.

Out of those 900, 400 will make a comment to another guy about the pretty woman.

150 will attempt to flirt. 15 will attempt to have a sexual encounter with her.  Only one will actually follow through with it if she says yes.

Now turn some of those numbers around and I bet 150 will brag that they could have had her, and 15 will claim they did!

Like I said, I’m making these numbers up but the point is that a huge percentage of married men are faithful to their wives and are not playing with fire.

It’s just those few dogs that make the rest of us look like mutts.

Are you feeling tempted?

Run the other way, into the arms of the woman that you married and committed yourself to.

I can’t say it any more plainly than that.