WOWO Radio has more Baby Boomer women listeners than any other Fort Wayne radio station by at least 10,000.  That was one of the items I pointed out in our last article.

Baby Boomer women control the biggest pile of consumer spending still and for the next 7 to 10 years. portrait-monochrome

Let’s continue with part 2 in a series from Mediapost, How To Connect With Baby Boomer Women.  Here’s the highlights that I can help you and your business with WOWO radio:

1. Don’t forget the purchasing power of self-employed Boomer women. Recognize that she is working and wants to find meaning through work as long as she can.

2. Avoid using the word “retirement.” She wants to connect with her aspirations through the increased freedom to choose how and where she will contribute through the full utilization of her skills and abilities.

3. Engage her in dialogue; she wants to establish an authentic relationship with you and your company.

4. Don’t make assurances on which you can’t deliver. Tell her what you’ll do for her, not how great you, your product or company is.

5. Listen to learn what is motivating her. The most important question you can ask is “What are you hoping your planning for the future will allow you to achieve.”

6. Don’t be afraid of a spiritual slant in your messaging. Survey results show 44% of Boomer women are turning to sources other than organized religion for spiritual guidance.

7. Although not very happy about it, she can laugh at the physical effects of aging. You can successfully use a “women like her” to comment humorously on conditions and circumstances only one of her own would fully understand.

8. Baby Boomer women are more active than you may think. Your images should reflect her full level and range of engagement in life.

9. Avoid using a single relationship to define her. She may be managing health care for her parents but she’s not only a “caregiver.” She’s also “grandma” but she would define her life much broader. The brands of suppliers who best support her multi-relationships underlying her purchases will win her business.

10. Cater to her desire to learn. Link your brand and products to opportunities to learn more about issues and concerns she faces every day. Her focus has shifted to experience, rejuvenation and personal growth.

11. Don’t talk down to her. What she didn’t gain through formal education she gained through experience. Insult her intelligence at your peril.

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