Digging deeper today into Timeless Marketing Rule #2: Don’t Sell, Help Them Buy.

This is the 2nd of the Timeless Marketing Rules I mentioned this week:

2. People don’t like to be SOLD something.  But they usually will accept and welcome help BUYING something.  Big Difference.

Here’s where Human Relationship Principles come into play.  We are annoyed by pushy salespeople.  Even when we are ready to buy something, if the salesperson is a jerk we lose trust and may even delay buying.

Sounds Like a Good Deal?

Sounds Like a Good Deal?

There are some stores I refuse to go to because the salespeople are too annoying. That act as desperate vultures who see me and anyone else as fresh meat and they are ready to pounce on to see how much money they can extract from me.

Or so it seems.

There are other stores that you walk in and are desperate to find someone to help you find what you need. This is the opposite problem.  Sometimes I want advice to decide if I should buy this or buy that.  But they only have know-nothing clerks or order takers who are clueless about this, that and everything!

Apply this to your marketing and advertising outreach.

If you and your company are truly experts and knowledgeable beyond knowing how to read the label on the stuff you sell, then you can help people buy.  That’s what we want.