Wrapping up the week, with Timeless Marketing Rule #7: Adapt to Their Favorite Way of Communication, as I finish this series I started a couple weeks ago.

Here’s what I said in the original article:

7. You need to communicate with people using the medium they prefer.

You may like T.V. but do your customers?

You may like Instagram, but do your customers?

Instead of focusing solely on your favorite ways to communicate and market and advertise, look around and see what medium your customers prefer. 3_85-1

A few years ago, when I was working full time in Social Media taking care of all the social media for a 50 million dollar eCommerce company, I had to make a change in my personal preferences.

I was a huge Twitter fan and disliked Facebook.  But for our business, it was Facebook that won 10 to 1 over Twitter.

Then I made another discovery.  While we had 130,000 Facebook fans, Facebook was not the social media that produced the most sales.

Our Pinterest account that had only 2000 followers was generating more sales than the much more popular Facebook account.  So I worked on growing our Pinterest reach and added another 1000 followers.  Before I left that company, our smaller Pinterest  account was outperforming our massive Facebook account by a 2 to 1 margin.

That’s just one example from the social media world of how we need to find ways to communicate our marketing messages that our customers will respond to by using the medium they prefer, not just our own personal preferences.

I have made myself available through various channels too.  Some people call me.  Some text me.  Others will Tweet while some people now use the Facebook Messenger app.

I also get emails and face to face conversations are going on every day.  I am doing my best to be available to communicate in the way YOU want to reach me.  Go ahead and reach out.