In case you are wondering why I haven’t posted much recently about advertising, WOWO, or other marketing stuff…

Because I’ve been preparing for 2016.  We just got new information from the rating service WOWO radio subscribes to and WOWO continues to lead the pack with over 100,000 adults listening every week.  However that isn’t the main reason to advertise with me…we’ll talk more about that in January.

But except for the few people who are trying to get last minute advertising plans finalized before the new year arrives, our thoughts are elsewhere it seems.   12371009_10153298308423730_6137174925417348793_o

Christmas is the biggie of course, with kids off from school for a week or two and productivity slows to a crawl as the holiday parties abound.

Yes, I am working except for Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years Eve and New Years Day next week.   Sort of cramming a lot into two 3 day weeks.  Like you at your office I suppose.

Last week included a trip to Indianapolis and I have another one next week too.  Yesterday I was in Ohio helping an advertising partner.

But I will continue to publish 5 days a week, even on those off days.  Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll respond as we look forward to Christmas and the new year ahead.