Short and sweet today.

Like Tweets are Short.

And Sweet if you’ve ever had this problem.

April 24th was our most recent Social Media Breakfast Fort Wayne organized by my friend Kevin Mullett.  Kevin always tells us that the spelling of his last name is with two “t’s” to distinguish himself from the fish and the haircut spelled with one “t”.

There were over 50 of us in attendance plus plenty of others who were following along be following the twitter hashtag we have been using for the past 14 months #SMBFW.

Problem was that the hashtag was hijacked by a bunch of spammers.

There were so many and they were coming so fast I decided to see if I could change the hashtag to #SMBFTW .  Added a t like the extra t in Mullett, but I was actually refering to an abbreviation for Fort (FT).

It worked.

Several others picked up on the new hashtag and the spammers that were clogging the #SMBFW hashtag stream were left behind, because they were an automated spambot.

Lesson learned.