It’s been over 6 months since I returned to the radio advertising world.

Two new stations for me as I am now in my 25th year in this business.

Social Media has been a part of my life for several years with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, the old MySpace, and my own websites and blogs.

I have over 3,000 social media contacts.  I had more, but I’ve been weaning those lists to those I really know.

Attempting to sell directly on these social media platforms is a big no-no.

It is a relationship killer.

You know that one guy that is always trying to get you to join his latest multilevel marketing team?  The one who you avoid at all costs because all he does is try and sign you up to be a part of his downline.

Don’t be that guy on social media.

Instead, use the social media contacts you have to strengthen relationships.

Build relationships that add value to the other person.

By building relationships you can ask sales oriented questions, but please, don’t go all hard sale.

Think in terms of you offer a product or service that the other person might need to solve a problem, or save them money.  Make sure you make them aware of what you do and can offer them, so you become top of mind when they are shopping for what you offer.

But work on preserving the relationship over social media and in the long run it will pay off.