When I started this website in October as a replacement for the 4 or 5 other blogs I was previously maintaining, I reduced the number of updates from 46 to 26 per week.

One way to do this was to only post on weekdays.

I called it the 5/5/5 plan.

5 updates at 5am, 5 days a week.

That includes the Fort Wayne Site of the Day which features a link to a Fort Wayne area website or blog; Collective Wisdom which focuses on Media, Marketing, and Advertising stuff, written by others with my own introductory comments.

There’s also a daily Sales Tip; ScLoHo’s Social Media Adventure which focuses on social media and webbie stuff; and the Really? column which is whatever I want it to be, often personal.

Plus a 6th update on Wednesday.  The Not-So Secret Writings of ScLoHo is my unpublished book on marketing related stuff that may turn into a book in 2012.

We will see…

But no updates on Saturday or Sunday.

Except, I can’t help myself sometimes.

Last weekend I did a week in review from the Social Media Adventure column.

This weekend I want to share with you a review of this past weeks updates from my Really? column, partly due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Here we go:

On Monday I laid the groundwork by talking about surviving the teen years.

Tuesday was my son Josh’s birthday and here are a couple of video’s to introduce you to him.

Wednesday was the birthday of an old friend of mine.

Thursday, I had to share with you what my oldest daughter Rachael is up to these days.

I wrapped up the week on Friday with a look back at my daughter Tiffany who is now also a mom.

Monday it’s back to the 5/5/5 plan.