We have now officially been in our home a full year.  This we expect to be our last move. It’s the 3rd or 4th place Kathy and I have called home since we married in 2001.  We started in her house.

No, I wasn’t homeless, I was back in town helping my Mom prepare to downsize after my Dad passed away and was back in my childhood home.

About a year later we bought our 1st house together with the intent to never move again.  4 years later, we moved.

Next place was our place for 8 years until one day we realized that it was a pretty big house for the 2 of us and a cat.  All the kids were gone and on their own and we used less than half the house.

We considered all kinds of options including moving to downtown Fort Wayne but ended up just half a mile away from the house we were selling.603618_10152064727618730_6212872300715002145_n


Others in our family are moving or have moved this year.  But for us. we are happily staying put.