Random thoughts from the weekend about the 168 hours each of us have each week:

I get invitations to all kinds of things that I could do.ScLoHo's Really

Sometimes it’s an event that sounds like fun, it might be thought provoking.

Sometimes it’s an opportunity to hang out with people, sometimes it’s something that I can do sitting in a comfortable chair in my living room.

The opportunities to do something are out there.  Even if you live in Nowhere, and you can connect to the internet, you have opportunities to do stuff.

I find myself saying no to more things than I say yes to.  Last Friday night, as I was talking with my wife Kathy about our expectations for the weekend, one thing we easily agreed on was we were not going to hang out with any friends or family on Saturday night.  We planned on saying no ahead of time and we stuck to it.

Oh, we had fun.  We had dinner out at one of our favorite places and enjoyed ourselves.  In order to do that, I had to say no to 6 other things that I was invited to do.

By saying no, you get to say yes.

Yes to the things that are important.  Yes to the things that are special.

Yes to peace and quiet. Yes to silence.

Yes to doing what you deem important and no to the stuff that you have decided is not as important.

Priorities change.  Heck, my weekly work to do list can flip upside down and everything, well almost everything can be pushed back a week or two when things bubble up to the top of the urgent side of things.

But in order to handle those shifts, you need to know what to say no to, so you will know when to say yes.