We have so many ways to “talk” to someone these days.

Personal communication, not advertising type of stuff.

I’m curious, which ones do you use and why?

When I was a teenager, I could make a phone call on a landline phone.  I was there when the switch to cordless phones in a home came about.  Until that time, we had the wallphone hanging in the kitchen, a phone downstairs in the family room, one in my parents bedroom, one in my Dad’s office and even one outside.  We had more phones than people in our house.

Landline phones charged extra for long distance.  So except for special occasions, we didn’t call my grandmother in the next state.  We wrote letters.  Stuck a stamp on an envelope and a few days latter she read it. fax machine

Neighbors.  We walked next door and talked.

My parents had fax machines at work to send documents at the speed of dial up internet, but this was before the internet.  Phone lines were still in use.

Enough ancient history.

Today I can:

Call from my smartphone

Text from my phone or laptop

Tweet including direct messages privately

Facebook including their messenger app


Connect via LinkedIn and send messages back and forth.

Talk face to face.

That’s about all I use how about you?