I really hated writing as a kid.

My handwriting would get progressively worse year after year.

Yeah, I’m old enough to have been taught cursive.  It wasn’t a font either.

Fast forward to the age of laptops.  I’m glad I took that semester of typing in high school.

Writing is now a form of expression.

A way to capture thoughts and put them in some sort of order.

It was over ten years ago that I started writing on the internet in the form of a blog.

And I have been writing ever week since.

Sometimes about personal stuff, sometimes about business stuff and sometimes about all the stuff in between.

The point is I write.

Every week.

It’s not for you but for me.

I just share it publicly, in case you might want to read it too.

This morning at the Social & Marketing Breakfast Fort Wayne gathering, writing was the main topic of conversation and our panel that was in the hot seats did a very good job talking about what and why along with how they create content and write.

There are plenty of reasons to not write, no make that excuses to not write, and I can add a few to your list if you want, but as you are writing your list of reasons, guess what…

You just wrote.

And that’s how simple it can be to write.

Why not write?