I thought I knew a lot about marketing.

And I do.

With over 20 years of talking to hundreds of business owners, reading countless books, stories, articles, case studies… connecting the dots that so many others failed to do…

Yet the past 5 months have been eye opening for even me.

June 2011.

I walked away from my career with a fine group of radio stations to join Cirrus ABS, a Fort Wayne Indiana based digital marketing agency that has one focus:

Net-Centered Marketing.

Everything we do at Cirrus is designed to make the businesses and organizations successful by driving visitors to their websites.

Those websites are designed with a Call to Action on every page.

Every page on those websites are designed for a specific, targeted potential customer.

Behind the scenes, these websites are built with the most robust technology that is ahead of the curve when search engines like Google tweak their methodologies.

I have set out on a mission, but I’m not always sure how to tell someone.

My Mission is to Wipe Out Wimpy Websites.

The problem is how do you tell someone that there website sucks?

And what if they don’t care?

Tell you what.

Give me a hand.  A gentle hand.

Tell your friends, tell your boss, tell anyone you know about what I do.

I won’t be a pest, never been part of my nature.

But anyone that wants an honest appraisal of their website, I’ll be glad to provide it based on third party tools, expert analytics, and a record of success from both the team at Cirrus ABS and my own, honest to goodness years of marketing experience.

Contact me at 260-255-4357 and leave a message if I don’t answer because I may be helping someone else at the moment.

Or use the Contact form on this website.