Word of Mouth with a Bigger Mouth. That’s a pretty accurate description of the non-traditional advertising options I use with WOWO radio that go beyond what any other advertising medium offers.

Before I go into the details, I’m going to share a couple of highlights from the last Christmas holiday shopping season.  A survey of 1000 Americans reported by Mediapost,  looks at the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHY consumers bought.

Despite the perception that “everyone is buying everything online”, just 44% of those survied bought that way and the rest went to traditional stores.  In reality, most people do a combination.  That tidbit of information is WHERE we bought.

The other insight I will share with you is the WHO, as in WHO influenced them to buy what they bought.

Despite all the sales and discounts that are in our face like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all the other end of year offers, sales and discounts was not number one for deciding what or where to buy.

What about Facebook advertising or TV ads?  Each of those barely scored 20%.   Here’s what that tells me:  Despite the big push the past several years for businesses to advertise online including social media, the power isn’t much different than traditional media advertising.

So what was the number one influencer for what to buy and where to buy?

Personal Recommendations continues to top the list.  This is not new.  Personal recommendations will always carry the most weight what we are going to spend money. Another term for Personal Recommendations is Word Of Mouth although not exactly the same all the time, those terms are often interchangeable.

Word Of Mouth refers to a recommendation from someone you trust.  If there was a way to incorporate Word Of Mouth into a real advertising ad campaign…  That could be gold!

That’s the non-traditional advertising options I have with WOWO radio.  Word Of Mouth with a Bigger Mouth.

First, an important distinction that WOWO radio has over the other radio stations in Fort Wayne is the reason people listen.  WOWO is unique as a News Talk formated radio station, compared to nearly all the other stations in Fort Wayne that play music.

WOWO has a solid reputation in Fort Wayne with a history of being on the air over 90 years including news and talk for the past couple of decades. WOWO itself has credibility that is passed on to the advertisers.

When we listen to a radio station for music, nearly anything besides music is a tune-out.  We may not change stations, but we can easily mentally tune out as we wait for the music to return.

When we listen to a news and talk radio station, we are actively listening to what the news and talk hosts are saying.  The news and talk show hosts on WOWO have their own trust and credibility factor that is similar to a personal relationship with a friend.

When Charly, Pat, Rick, or any of our news hosts mention an advertiser, their credibility and trust along with WOWO radio’s credibility and trust factor goes beyond what a recorded commercial does as far as influence.  This is Word Of Mouth (and with the size of the audience of WOWO) Word Of Mouth with a Bigger Mouth.

This is just an introduction into the unique, non-traditional advertising options I use with WOWO radio that go beyond what any other advertising medium offers. I also have success stories I can share with you that demonstrate how powerful this can work.  Want to know more? Contact me.