Okay, you are not really making money by  buying, selling or trading human beings, but hang on…

You are in the People Business, no doubt about it. ScloHobookgs

In my world at WOWO Radio and  Federated Digital Solutions, one of the tactics that I offer that captures the attention of people I talk to is something called geo-fencing. It’s a method to serve digital display ads to individuals based on the places they go.  For example, I have a couple of doctors that are geo-fencing other doctors offices to offer an alternative option to those patients.

It’s all done with a bunch of technology that is both impressive and scary at the same time.

However, I need to remind my doctors and others who get excited about technology that they are really in the people business.

Using my doctors as an example…

If Doctor A wants to increase his business by inviting more people to become his patients, he can covert Doctor B’s patients to become his by inviting them through the geofencing method I mentioned.  But the advertising is just an invitation. Advertising, even targeted advertising is only an invitation and a fraction of the people exposed to advertising will respond.

This is true of any and every form of advertising.  You will never get a 100% response rate to an advertising campaign no matter how highly refined the methods and technology.

Let’s focus on those that do respond.  They are people and they want to feel good about doing business with you. If there is some person who answers the phone or deals face to face with your potential customer who makes your potential customer feel less than confident about becoming your customer, than you can lose that customer.

I have seen this happen with some of my clients and all of us have been in the customers shoes where we decide NOT to buy due to something another person did or did not do.

Let me leave you with a few questions to ask yourself:

  • When a potential customer calls, what do they really want and how well are we providing?
  • When a potential customer walks in to our business, what do they really want and how well are we providing?
  • If a customer has a problem or question, how do we take care of the issue to fix the problem or answer their question?
  • What can we do to create a positive people experience for everyone?