I have a friend who tells me about a local AM radio station that he worked for a lifetime ago that had a market share of 70% in morning drive.  They were constantly sold out of advertising space.  You had to be on a waiting list to get the chance to pay them to advertise your business.

That was 45 years ago.

Competition was scant for information and entertainment in the morning. 5 radio stations, 3 TV stations, a morning paper and evening paper.

The radio market has increased 5 fold for over the air broadcasts. The overall population hasn’t increased at that rate.

That radio station is still around and does pretty good at attracting both listeners and advertisers.

Even in it’s heyday, that radio station never captured 100% of the possible listeners or 100% of those who listened to the radio in the morning.

Neither will you with any one media.

That includes social media.

Last week AdAge.com featured a story on being anti-social.  Not anti-social such as holing up in a cabin in the wilderness.

They spoke about the segment of consumers who don’t want to engage on social media with brands and companies.

This is one reason why you’ll never get 100% of “everybody” to like you on Facebook no matter how small your “everybody circle” is.

I have a member of my own family who is active on Facebook, but won’t friend me because she is very private and exclusive with her Facebook friends.

We still have a fantastic relationship.

Don’t worry about those that you don’t connect with online.

Focus on those that you do connect with, and be aware of the other ways you can make a positive relationship happen with the rest.