This week between Christmas and New Years is often a time of transition for a lot of folks.

Lot’s of folks take vacation time.

Others try and wrap up everything that they didn’t get done the previous 51 weeks by midnight Saturday.

And I have plans to make some adjustments to my Social Media Adventure.

Here’s a short history:

In 2003 I started a blog which grew into 5 separate blogs until nearly 3 months ago.

In October, 2011 I launched this website, as a central website for my 5 blogs and my homepage website.

ScLoHo’s Social Media Adventure was started nearly a year ago as a request to share my experiences and knowledge about the subject.

All of this time I worked in the radio industry and did marketing consulting on the side.

Then a little over 6 months ago, I made another change and walked away from the radio world I had spent 20+ years in to accept an offer to move to the web world with Cirrus ABS.

Looking forward to 2012, I will continue to feature daily Sales Tips, along with the Fort Wayne Site of the Day.  These are two of the most popular items I have been featuring over the past few years so they will continue.

I will also feature Collective Wisdom from others every week on the subject of advertising and marketing along with the occasional personal insights, reflections and weird humor under the Really? banner.

The Social Media Adventure however will be expanded into ScLoHo’s Web World since my life has expanded beyond just the Social Media world to all things web related.

I’m also going to redesign this site, not sure when I will settle on the final design except I am planning on having it in place by Monday January 2nd.

Hang on for the ride!