My co-worker, Kevin Mullett does a LOT of speaking engagements.

One topic he talks about is measuring the right things, and that was one of my reasons for joining Kevin at Cirrus ABS and working in the web world of marketing instead of the broadcast world where most of my career was previously.

7 years ago, I didn’t measure the results of my online activity.  I didn’t know what to look for and I was experimenting anyway.  I was writing a couple of blogs and the results were not important to me at the time.

But when you are using your online presence as a part of your marketing or as the hub of your business, you should consider measuring the results.

Because the web tracks what you and others do, it is one of the easiest marketing platforms to track.

The downside is all that you are getting is a bunch of numbers, stats and sometimes worthless information unless you know what to look for in all this data.

And most folks don’t.

They don’t know what to look for, so they don’t look.

Or if they do look, they don’t connect the dots.

To be truthful, there is no “one and only” way to do this.

There are lot’s of ways to attempt to do it which falls short.

Seth Godin wrote about but I disagree with parts of what he says is important.

Instead, I see lot’s of problems with people analyzing the data and tracking a customer to the final transaction, which can be done if you know how.

And I’m not just referring to e-commerce sites.

Before you even start your next social media campaign or launch your next website, let’s talk.

We’ll dig deep and discover what your goals are and why.

We’ll ask the tough questions and determine the options for reaching those goals along with the costs in time and money.

And we will stick with you and help you measure all the important stuff, the stuff that matters to your success.  It’s not a cookie cutter approach.

Contact me on on the contact page of this website and we’ll begin.