Wrapping up the week with another link to one of my advertising partners on WOWO Radio, today a company that is an industry leader that you not have heard about: WaterFurnace International.  With a history dating back to 1983,WaterFurnace is the industry leader in Geo-Thermal systems for homes and businesses.


I first became acquainted with them a few years ago when I worked with a website development firm that handled their site and their network of dealer sites.  Just this year WaterFurnace became the exclusive sponsor of the Fox Radio News Update heard at the bottom of the hour, every hour on WOWO. They are Headquartered near the Fort Wayne International Airport on the southside of town.  You and I as consumers would actually purchase a WaterFurnace system from one of their dealers.

(All of the articles on this website are independent of my business relationship with my advertising partners and my employer.   I just want you to know more about these businesses that I have the pleasure to call advertising partners.)