Two weeks ago, my dentist sent me a text message reminding me of my upcoming appointment for a cleaning.  I appreciated the reminder because I never wrote it down or saved in electronically or any of that stuff. 3_85-1

I knew in the back of my mind it was sometime this month, but that was about it.

How do you communicate with your customers?  I’m not talking about advertising to them, but marketing touches.

See, every time my dentist sends me a reminder, like that text, it is more than a reminder of my appointment.  It is more than a convenience for me and for him (so I show up).  It is creating Top Of Mind Awareness and building familiarity which is good.

I’ve only had a couple of cavities as an adult so the most my dentist will see me is twice a year. But by creating these extra touches, even a helpful reminder, it builds his reputation and the likelihood that I will recommend him to others.

What can you do to increase communication with your customers in a way that they like?