Last year I was traveling from Fort Wayne to Indianapolis and somewhere along Interstate 69 there was a billboard with a QR code on it.  Sort of hard to scan when you’re not expecting it and zipping along at 70 miles an hour.

I have no idea who the billboard was advertising.

But recently I noticed this sign:

This was in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Clinton Ave, looking south from Coliseum Blvd.

I decided to pull over and check this out:

This is beyond Idiotic QR Coding.

There are so many things wrong.

The sign does not tell you what to do with the strange black & white design.

(Not everyone is aware of QR codes.)

It is unclear who the sign is for.

In order for me to scan a QR code, it is going to take me a few seconds to pull up the scanner app on my phone, followed by a few seconds to focus my phone scanner on the giant QR code.

I’ve seen this billboard a few other places around town and they all are placed on the wrong side of the intersection.

The sign is across the street from me when I am waiting at a red light and is too far away.

When the QR code is scanable from your car, your car is moving.

Basically it is impossible for anyone to scan this QR code unless they stop their car in a parking lot and waste 5 minutes of their life to see what happens if they use the QR code reader app on their smartphone.

What really burns my britches is this billboard and all the others like it are being funded by my tax dollars.

Your tax dollars too.

The QR code on those signs take you to an Air Force Reserve Blog.  The only positive thing I can say is that it is optimized for mobile.

But the blog is stupid, but that’s another topic for another day.

This is probably a national campaign, and the sales guy at the billboard company didn’t have any say in the “creative design” of the sign, they just took the order and our tax dollars and made a fool out of QR Codes.

Whoever is the brains behind this needs to be fired.