Recently I have been faced with a question regarding my work with radio station WOWO,,,

Is radio advertising appropriate for Business to Business marketing?

My simple answer is, “Why not?”

Seriously, let me walk you through this.

Businesses are run by people.

It’s the people who are in those businesses that are either decision makers or influencers that can make a difference.

With a few notable exceptions, most people get to work in an automobile or truck, or SUV or…

Those exceptions are cities that have public transportation so people don’t need a car.  Like New York City, or maybe Chicago.  But even those cities have plenty of people who use cars as their primary method of transportation.


Cars are radios on wheels.

Even with the introduction of satellite and internet radio services, local radio stations still dominate the in-vehicle listening.  91% of Americans listen at least weekly.

Besides traditional radio advertising, some of us can also offer additional ways to reach those business people.  In my work at WOWO Radio in Fort Wayne, I have an entire collection of digital marketing solutions that I offer to radio advertisers and non-advertisers alike.

Some of these digital solutions include items that work hand in hand with WOWO radio, while others are completely independent.   Contact me to learn more or you can wait as I unroll them out publicly in the weeks ahead.