Are you on Twitter?

There is a tradition on Twitter on Fridays to use the hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday to recommend to others someone you should follow on Twitter.

Here’s a collection of quotes from my friend Randy Clark that he shared via Twitter:

  • You don’t have to qualify your accomplishments to others. It’s OK to take a compliment with a simple thank you.
  • Sunday is a day of rest – so you can get to things you couldn’t get done the “rest” of the week.
  • Don’t assume others learn like you learn. Learn how they learn. Train how they learn.
  • I wonder how often someone’s last words were, “OK, turn on the breaker.”
  • Don’t tell someone how the clock was built when they ask you what time it is.
  • At least for me satisfaction comes from giving, completing tasks, passion about projects- activities, and experiences.

That last one sums up what I know about Randy.

When I first met Randy face to face, it was the night before a social media breakfast in Fort Wayne and we were two of the panelist for the morning meeting.  Randy has made several trips to Fort Wayne since then to hang out with other social media folks, and he is one of the speakers at the upcoming TEDxFortWayne event May 19th.

One of the best things about Randy is he engages with others on Twitter and face to face and that’s one of the best parts of social media.

Check him out on Twitter at and I’m here .