Just a word of caution.

Anyone who claims to be an expert in Social Media is not an expert in Social Media.

It’s too big of a claim.

Would you blindly trust the advice of someone who had the Dr. initials preceding their name?

Doctor refers to a level of education, but doesn’t say what that persons area of expertise is.

I know a Doctor who is a neurosurgeon, another  Doctor who is a pastor and another who has his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice.

Better not confuse those areas of expertise!

Social Media doesn’t even have a standard for accreditation, although there are some programs that may offer what they call credentials.

The problem is really two-fold:

People don’t know how to judge expertise in Social Media.

Too many Social Media “Experts” are scammers at the worst or limited at best.

So what do you do?

Ask, seek, learn.

If you want help with social media, you need to know what kind of help you are looking for.

Is it for your business or yourself personally?

Are you looking to create relationships or just sell stuff?

Are you looking for easy answers or are you willing to dig deep and be involved in the process?

That last question is very important.

Because if you are willing to dig deep and be involved in the process of Social Media, you may become qualified as some sort of Social Media Expert, but please remember:

Your limitations based on what you know.

Your limitations based on what you don’t know.

Your limitations based on your own experiences.

The truth is you most likely have a degree of expertise that can help someone else.

It’s not a degree that you frame and hang on the wall.

It’s something you earn by doing the work to satisfy your curiosity and then keep learning.