Can you describe what you do in a matter of seconds that compels someone else to be impressed?

Impressed enough to want to know more about what you do?

or why you do it?

or how you do it?

That’s the basic concept behind the elevator speech idea. The name comes from the idea that if you were to take a short elevator ride and on the elevator a stranger hops on, you have a few seconds to make a lasting impression with someone who could be your next big client, or employer, etc. bs

This is the same concept I apply to crafting your advertising message.

It is not always easy.  Because we have to find the right message that is uniquely you.  Sometimes the message is unique to you with certain qualifiers, “The only board certified podiatrist in New Haven”, for example.

But it also needs to have a compelling call to action.  That’s what motivates the right person to do something.  At the very least, remember you.

Coming up in a future series, we’ll dig deeper into crafting a message for your advertising and marketing, but for now, see if you can answer those questions and improve them too.