I still see plenty of folks who decide to check out Twitter, see what it’s all about and then abandon the platform because it didn’t work for them.

But from the level of activity that these folks put into their Twitter efforts, I’m not surprised.

Think about this for a second…

Most of you know how to drive a car.

Do you remember the first few times you sat in the drivers seat during drivers training?

Wasn’t easy was it?  So many things to learn and watch and do all at the same time.

But you didn’t give up.  You kept at it.  You learned and you practiced.

You stopped some of the bad habits and became a pretty skilled driver.

Now when you want to drive to work, you don’t think about all the details that you had to think about the first few times behind the wheel.


This isn’t just a Twitter lesson, or a Social Media Lesson.


This is Life, man.

No one is born with the ability to drive a car, or tweet, or tie your shoes, or ______________.


For me, Twitter is simply a communication tool.

You can use it to listen to what others are saying, feeling and thinking.

You can join the conversations

You can start a conversation.

You can announce, promote, share stuff that you care about.

You just have to work at it until it isn’t really work.

The above image is from the Cunning Media website with a pretty interesting article on how Twitter is working.