An article about habits today, excuse the rambling.

Why do we do things over and over and over again?

Some things are for survival.

We eat, drink, sleep and depending on who we are, we find ways to fill the 24 hours we are given each day with what matters most to us.

I was reviewing some old blogs started by people I know and was disappointed that so many are no longer active.1keyboard

Some of these people are local, from the Fort Wayne, Indiana area and others are from the other side of the planet.

Each of them started writing and sharing and then eventually stopped. I guess about 95% of the individuals I used to follow online as little as 5 years ago are no longer writing the way they used to.

Some of them were really ambitious and wrote several times a week. Others once a month.

Some started out like gang busters and then fizzled out.

Maybe life got in the way.  Or maybe they were looking for some kind of financial reward.

There are a few who have kept at it, even if it’s a twice a month article.

Me?  I’ve been writing for 11 years online.

By 2008 I was sharing every single day.

In 2011, when I went from being a blogger to actually having a permanent website (this one), I had shared over 15,000 articles.  Some of those I imported to this website for future use. There are currently just under 3,000 articles in my draft folder.  A handful will be published on this site, like I have a couple of times this year when I say that something is from the ScLoHo archives.

But I made a promise to myself to publish regularly.  Usually that means five or six days a week.  Every Single Day.

I was gone for a week this month, vacationing with my wife, but you didn’t notice because I planned ahead and scheduled ahead. What you are reading right now, I wrote two weeks ago.

For me this is a commitment.  Sometimes a challenge.  Sometimes a pain.  Often it is fun. Always it is fulfilling.  And as long as I am able to, I will continue to write, publish and share.