At this very moment, the moment, this article is being published online, I am meeting with Mike.  The same Mike I’ve mentioned the past couple of days. startup-593343_1280

Feel free to review the process that brought us together and how Mike and his business are now advertising partners with me and WOWO Radio.

Here’s what we are doing as you read this…

1st off, I brought Ben with me today.  Ben is the General Sales Manager and I’ll tell you more about him soon.

The three of us are discussing the actual wording of the ads that we are starting in a couple of weeks. We are also talking about Custom Audience Targeting with online display ads in a re-targeting campaign.

We are not talking about how much it costs to advertise.  That discussion we had a couple meetings ago and again last week.

Last week when, Mike and I agreed to become advertising partners, I presented him with 4 different options for using WOWO radio.  I usually limit it to two or three but I had a 4th that I wanted to discuss.   Three different price options were presented.  My big question to Mike was, “What is your comfort level for advertising spending?”

Mike answered, “The amount I spend isn’t important as the return I get.”

Excellent answer.

We spoke about the different amounts he spends in other areas and the results he sees and compared that with what we can expect initially.  We agreed to start with one of the lower priced options and grow from there.  That was my recommendation. Mike would have bought one of the higher priced options last week, but I want a couple months to launch and tweak and fine tune his message before he invests the larger dollars.

And that is the step we are talking about today.  We are creating the initial ads that will begin May 4th.

While I ask my advertising partners what their advertising spending comfort level is, the reason is I want to be sure they are going to not expect the phone to ring off the hook on day 1, if they are not spending enough to make that happen.

With Mike and his business, it is a slow and steady process for him to qualify a customer and when he gets a good one, the rewards are there.  It’s not like selling hamburgers where you need to sell them every day.

Which reminds me of another story for another day about McDonald’s.  Until then, reach out to me with questions or comments.