From the ScLoHo archives, March 2008:
Before leaving for vacation earlier this month, I was out doing some errands and my wife called asking me to pick up some chili beans for the meal she was going to prepare. Simple enough, just stop by the grocery store and pick up a can or two.

Problem began when I walked in and was handed a map by one of the clerks. I looked around and there were dozens of other zombie-like shoppers pushing carts and looking at their maps with a look of angst on their faces.

Turns out, I was about to become one of them.

Turns out, the store was rearranging their isles and inventory so that all the stores in the chain would have the same floor plan.

Turns out that there were four different isles that carried beans, maybe more.

Turns out I finally found the kind of beans my wife wanted after about 25 minutes and asking a couple of stockers, who didn’t know either.

I left with my two cans of chili beans and hope that now that it’s two weeks later, they have things back in place, where ever that place is.

How about your store? Is the floor plan designed to sell or annoy your customers?