Never before in the short history of our world have so many people had the opportunity to speak and be heard.

All it takes is a connection to the internet to make your voice visible.

No longer do you need a printing press, a broadcasting station, or even common sense.

In this country, the United States of America, and many others around the globe, you are free to join the world wide web and join the conversations or start a new one.

Social Media accounts are free on most platforms.

Embrace this freedom to speak your mind, to share your thoughts, to share others thoughts, and even start a movement.

I do have a few cautionary notes that go along with this encouragement.

  • Your words can and will be used against you, so before you post, tweet, comment or update, realize that this internet thing is a permanent record of you.
  • If you want to be cutting edge and outspoken, you will risk offending some people.  If you are okay with that, then go for it.
  • If you are willing to listen as much as you speak, you will be a better, more informed person and you risk having your own beliefs changed.

Of course the opposite of those three points is also true.

If you say nothing, do nothing, and blend in, you will avoid the risks of using social media.

But the rest of us will be worse off because we want to hear your voice.

Are you ready to speak?