I’ve noticed a lot of people taking interest in this ole website of mine recently.  A few months ago kicked up the social sharing of the articles and there was some other traditional publicity too so I thought I would take a moment and tell you what to expect if you subscribe to this website, ScottHoward.me.

5 articles a week, one each day Monday through Friday.  Sometimes a 6th article on the weekend. 11108843_10152909393583730_3361900663888516569_n

I will not ask you for money.  There is no paywall to read the articles.  It is completely free for you to read.

About 80% of the articles are written by me.  Several years ago I received permission to publish from a couple other sources as long as I gave attribution and a link.  These are listed in the category Collective Wisdom.  Currently I’ve been sharing a sales tip on Mondays that falls in this category.

A big portion of the content is about marketing, media and advertising.  I’ve been in this field since I was 16 when I started working part time at a radio station.  Almost 40 years later, I’ve ventured into other professions besides radio but here I am again in the radio business except I can offer so much more due to the company I work for.  I write about that as you will see.

I also care about Fort Wayne, Indiana.  It’s my hometown and I’ve been back here again since 1998.  I’ll share stuff about my city sometimes.

I love my family and I will protect their privacy while also sharing about them on occasion.

I will also occasionally mention my faith which makes it all possible.

I don’t have an editor or proofreader so there are going to be grammatical errors and typos.  If someone catches them and tells me, I’ll fix them.  But with 5 articles a week, I’m bound to have some mistakes go out.

I invite you to connect with me, ask questions, give me your thoughts, share your wisdom, or just say hi.

I’m here to help, smile and enjoy this world we live in.