Some of you have asked me about the change I made recently on this site, right under my name where it now says Social Media Magician from the Land of ScLoho.

What kind of a made up goofy title is that?

A couple months ago I walked away from my full time profession in advertising and marketing in the world of broadcast radio.  I walked into the full time world of social media as my full time profession.

All of the Social Media activity I’ve been doing the past ten years has been a sideline.  It was supplemental to my main income in the sales world.  9 of the past ten years was in radio advertising sales and about a  year was in website development sales.

The company I joined in February has been around since the 1920’s and has successfully transitioned from selling via printed catalogs to becoming a major player as an online retailer. The department I joined, Internet Marketing decided they needed to add a couple more people this year. One to devote his entire time to email marketing, the other to handle Social Media.

Our company had been active in both of those areas but now was the time to expand.  My official title is eCommerce Media Specialist.  But we are a party supply company and we get to pick our fun titles.

I have 5 separate brands that are under our corporate umbrella that I am actively handling most of the social media content including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest  numerous blogs, You Tube, Tumblr, and a few other social media platforms.  With the exception of Twitter, and our blogs, just about everything else on our social media channels is being handled exclusively by me.  We have guest writers on some of the blog posts and others on our Internet Marketing team will sometimes add some Tweets, but overall there’s about 30 to 40 posts and updates a day that I get to do using the voice of each of our brands.  And that takes up only a portion of my day.

A magicians greatest trick is to make things look easy, to get you to look here, while they’re doing something over there.  A magician does slight of hand, juggles, creates illusions and entertains.  That’s the role I play as I work behind the scenes, interact and engage with our social media followers.

I get to play detective, experiment, look forward, look back, watch what others are doing, discover how to improve, make a few mistakes, learn and try again.

I don’t wear a cape or a coat with tails, nor do I have a beautiful assistant  that I saw in half.  Instead I get to work with a team of other Internet Marketing professionals, each of us with our own areas of expertise.

It’s my magical world of Social Media.

If you want to know about ScLoHo, visit my About Page.