Last week my radio station, WOWO in Fort Wayne set a new record in giving.  Actually it wasn’t the radio station, but the listeners that make up the WOWO family in what is known as WOWO-land.

I mentioned last week that the WOWO Penny Pitch Radiothon was going on Thursday and Friday and listeners responded with another record breaking dollar total of contributions.


That is $141, 805.00 collected in the 2015 two day  Radiothon for Penny Pitch.  Let me quote an email that WOWO Program Director Ryan Wrecker sent to the staff Friday night:

I wanted to thank each and every one who made this the biggest Penny Pitch in the history of the station.

This year we raised $141,800 in two days during our radiothon, and thanks to the sponsored it will be MATCHED – making looking at a $283,600 donation to four great local charities… over a quarter of a million dollars.

Thank you to the entire WOWO staff, Charly, Mac, Kylie, Jim S., Darrin, Tom, Dean, Kale, & Pat for their on-air contributions, thanks to Bob Chase for his efforts again, of course Jim A., Suzanna and Jon Zimney… and everyone else for pitching in.

I’m still amazed.  WOW… and as Bob Chase said… Bob Sievers and Jay Gould are looking down saying GREAT WORK.

That is one more reason I am proud and humbled to be part of the WOWO family.