I mentioned this a few months ago, that there is a difference in buying advertising and forming an advertising partnership.  Recently I have been really focusing on developing those advertising partnerships and committing them to paper in our agreement.analytics-282739_1280

In the proposal to start an advertising program with me (Scott Howard) and WOWO Radio, I include these words:

This advertising partnership is a commitment from me:

  • To meet regularly, every 2 to 6 weeks, as needed
  • To keep our advertising messages updated regularly
  • To offer additional opportunities to use the services and marketing platforms offered by WOWO Radio, Federated Media, Federated Entertainment and Federated Digital Solutions
  • To be a creative resource and consultant for all your marketing efforts
  • To offer suggestions and feedback as the relationship continues

This advertising partnership is also a commitment from you:

  • To be available for regular meetings and communication
  • To keep me updated when changes and/or new services are offered that we might include in your marketing.
  • To set up a tracking system to assist in identifying results from our campaign
  • To stay current with monthly payments as outlined
  • To inform me of both successes and concerns as we move forward.

While some of these elements are adjusted, such as the advertising partner that is 100 miles away, so we communicate by phone and email every couple of weeks, this is the basis for a healthy advertising partnership.

I am unaware of anyone else (besides my coworkers) in Fort Wayne who lays it on the line, in writing like this.  I am aware of plenty of others who do not want to make this type of investment and commitment into their clients.

If you as a business owner or manager would like to have this kind of advertising partnership, contact me.